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pretty sure electronics are considered actual contraband in BCT, so just lettin ya’ll know that tonight/tomorrow morning could be my last checks on the web until i graduate on October 9.

for reals this time. for reals this time, morty.

ya’ll have been pretty cool, man
gonna get so muhfuckin big when i get back

laters, pretty much.

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i partnered up w/ a cool guy to complete the painting mission even though it was like 95 degrees outside
much personal PT to be had too

and all the platoons got combined and split up again into new companies/platoons for finally shippin to BCT
everybody’s stoked asf

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all you need to know about my current situation

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so a Staff Sergeant called up any privates who were “artistic”, so several of us came up and were led to a boardroom where we would sketch out a logo for our company, “Bravo Black Knights”.
the logo was to be in that archaic script font (think the title of the Miami Herald)

i was the only private that made the cut aaaaaaw yiss

i gotta paint each letter onto each courtyard stone in front of the main commander’s office

i cant use screenies right now, but if I could,
it’d the urban dictionary entry for “oh bother”

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  Sonic's Characters.

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*flu noises*

got a bunch of flu symptoms early this morning cos i went through inoculation yesterday, fuckin sucked cos it was pretty cold out too. morning march to and from D-FAC was achey and dumb.

had a nervous breakdown cos my spare duffel bag was missing and the drill sarge was rotated and the duffel bags were being loaded to be sent from reception to BCT

by several inexplicable overlooks by the sergeants, i was able to get all my stuff packed w/o my second duffel and all was good. pretty sure it was pure luck tho

heartfelt barracks meeting.

marched through the rain for a while and came back to the company barracks where i had my first MRE. main meal of chicken mac soup wasn’t bad/wasn’t good?? ?

barrack-mates joke about givin nicknames/callsigns for each other

now im checkin the tumbles

errybody’s pretty stoked for the transfer to Basic on Monday yo

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sourgoat: maybe I’ll see you if you transfer around, i’m still hangin on base a lot

just follow that one super loud sound-off/person count and it’ll be easy peasy

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binart: about how long do you think they’ll have you in reception for? i heard it was around five days to a week.

reception is from my arrival on Tuesday to my shippin to BCT on Monday.
taking extreme fuckin care tho, 95% of reception is waiting in line/standing still on no sleep.
the okay parts of recep are considered “good” cos it ain’t as absolutely shitty as the whole shebang (which i’ll assume describes BCT pretty well)
some people here already talkin about quitting cos of the change in atmosphere, yo

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yumizoomi: have you met any weeaboos

no and i am anger

the most i heard of anime this entire trip was at the airport when some recruits were talkin about naruto and bleach and how they were “pretty okay”

no animoos here, friend :u

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